Fabric Enterprise

A single comprehensive platform for NGS data analysis, interpretation 
and clinical reporting for whole genomes, hereditary disease panels, 
and oncology panels.

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Fabric Enterprise

AI-driven platform converts raw genomic data into clinically meaningful and actionable insights.

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AI-Driven Insights

Fabric has compiled a database of 50,000 genomes from public and private sources to train algorithms in a form of machine learning where the platform learns through the assimilation of more data. Fabric’s leading algorithms were co-developed with Mark Yandell’s lab at University of Utah.


  • Speeds time to results and improves diagnostic yield
  • Ranks genes based on likelihood to cause disease, using functional impact on protein product, conservation across species, and allele frequency
  • Clinically validated with over peer-reviewed 50 publications

For whole genome, exome, and medical exome applications


  • Re-ranks genes already prioritized by VAAST using Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO) terms to further increase diagnostic yield
  • Uses a unique network propagation approach to identify additional gene candidates based on specific phenotype(s)

For whole genome, exome, and medical exome applications


  • Single variant genotype scoring that integrates sequence conservation, the type of sequence change, allele frequencies, zygosity and 
gene-specific burden
  • Facilitates variant interpretation using ACMG guidelines

For whole genome, exome, as well as panel applications

Phevor is the application of mathematics to biology to get the most out of a child’s genome to identify diseases or find disease-causing gene mutations.

MARK YANDELL, Ph.D., Co-Director USTAR Center for Genetic Discovery, Assoc. Director Program in Personalized Health

Our Platform

Fabric Enterprise is a comprehensive computational genomics platform supporting high throughput panels, exomes and whole genomes for hereditary disease and oncology. Platform capabilities include:

  • Accurate alignment and variant calling
  • Up-to-date, validated variant annotation
  • Probabilistic variant ranking with advanced algorithms
  • ACMG and AMP guideline-driven variant classification and interpretation
  • Configurable SOP-based workflows
  • Customizable clinical report generation
  • Full LIMS and EMR integration capabilities

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