A global platform for clinical genomic data analysis

Fabric Genomics (formerly Omicia) delivers a robust set of computational genomic capabilities to clinical labs and population sequencing initiatives in more than 50 countries.

Fabric Genomics delivers clinical-grade data analysis with unprecedented speed and quality

  • Up to 54%

    causative candidate yield

    Industry-leading data insights to improve clinical decision-making

  • 1-Hour

    turnaround time for whole genome annotation

    Premium “STAT” rapid annotation service for clinical cases

  • +1,000

    research and clinical licenses

    Leading genomic data analysis software and advanced algorithmic tools used by academic institutions and clinical laboratories around the world

  • 20-50x

    faster variant calling vs. GATK

    Easy-to-deploy best practice workflow for secondary analysis

Partnered with World-Class Labs, Health Systems & Country Projects

The Latest from Fabric Genomics

Fabric Genomics and TOMA Biosciences announced a partnership in April to develop an end-to-end genomic testing and clinical interpretation product for somatic cancers. The new system integrates TOMA’s oligo selective sequencing (OS-Seq) technology, which was developed at Stanford University, and combines it with Fabric Genomics’ bioinformatics platform. “What TOMA does is a very specialized assay …

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