Fabric Hereditary Panels

Transforming genomic reporting with an automated system that learns as it grows

Providing automated, accurate interpretation by leveraging Fabric’s proprietary annotation engine and classified variant knowledge base.

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We believe genomic medicine is a lifelong journey. To that end, it will be increasingly important that our clinicians have the right tools to view, query, interpret and 
re-interpret our patients’ genetic information over time. We have partnered with Fabric Genomics to meet that crucial need.

STEVEN BLEYL, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Medical Officer, Genome Medical

Enabling clinical labs to achieve highly automated large scale NGS testing through a robust bioinformatics and reporting platform.


Rapid Turnaround Time

Case studies show a 15 min average turnaround time for pre-curated panels. Sign out cases faster by leveraging Fabric’s automated ACMG scoring and configurable SOP based workflows.

Optimized Interpretation

Work in an environment tailored to your variant interpretation needs. Improve interpretation efficiency and reproducibility by configuring your own digital SOPs and case review protocols. Access 90+ annotation sources for the most up-to-date information and score variants using a built-in ACMG scoring classification system.

Sequence to Clinical Report

With a secondary analysis pipeline optimized for hereditary variants, start with a FASTQ file and easily review QC metrics. Launch gene panels or multiple in silico gene panels from exome assays. Generate physician-ready customized clinical reports.



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