Fabric Oncology Panels

Translating genomic insights into targeted cancer therapies

Enabling precision medicine by leveraging Fabric’s proprietary annotation and comprehensive clinical interpretation engine.

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Turnaround Time

Drug and Trial Matching

Sequence to 
Clinical Report


We enable laboratories around the world to detect biomarkers for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. [Our partnership] offers clinical laboratories everything they need to conduct tumor profiling, from tumor DNA to report, and can be up and running and ready to begin validation in under a week.

WOLFGANG DAUM, President and CEO, TOMA Biosciences

Enabling personalized cancer treatment decisions by combining a robust bioinformatics and reporting platform with actionable clinical content.


Rapid Turnaround Time

Reduce the time you spend identifying actionable cancer aberrations by accessing clinically actionable information inside the Fabric system. With configurable workflows and lab-specific roles, labs can average less than 30 minutes turnaround time for pre-curated panels.

Drug and Trial Matching

Match cancer genomic alterations to regularly updated targeted therapies, clinical trials, and clinical guideline information in order to generate physician-ready clinical reports. A single, seamless application provides access to clinically actionable information for SNVs, InDels, and structural variants across solid tumor and hematology panels.

Sequence to Clinical Report

With a secondary analysis pipeline optimized for somatic cancer variants, start with a FASTQ file and easily review QC metrics. Cancer-specific annotation and curation inside efficient SOP-based workflows enable rapid generation of physician-ready clinical reports.


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