Country Genome Programs

Fabric Genomics works with scaled, country genome programs to investigate genetic variation. Our advanced BioGraph technology enables the creation of population-specific reference genomes for novel diagnostics and drug discovery.

  • Actionable patient reports
  • Biomarker discovery & cohort analysis
  • Population reference genomes
  • Data harmonization & longevity
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Actionable Patient Reports & Biomarker Discovery for Country Genome Programs

Actionable Patient

  • Deliver actionable panel, exome and genome reports to consenting participants
  • Provide a complete genetic picture of a patient’s health with results sent to the point-of-care via direct EMR integration
  • Create a growing knowledge base of condition-gene associations and classified variants
  • Maximize diagnostic rate for exomes and whole genomes, and accelerate candidate assessment with validated proprietary ranking algorithms, VAAST and Phevor

Biomarker Discovery & Cohort Analysis

  • Assess novel biomarkers with extensive annotations and analytic tools, including loss of heterozygosity
  • Run cohort and case-control analyses to quickly identify disease-causing variants and biomarkers with validated proprietary algorithms, VAAST and Phevor
  • Share encrypted data across clinician and investigator teams, as well as across project sites

Population Reference Genomes & Enterprise Data Management for Country Genome Programs

Population Reference Genomes

  • Build population reference genomes using BioGraph
  • Easily identify variants that are significant drivers of either disease burden or health within a population, and that may not be well represented in GRCH37 or GRCH38
  • Speed disease candidate assessment with validated ranking algorithms, VAAST and Phevor, and rapid annotation

Enterprise Data Management

  • Develop a long-term genomic patient data repository that can be queried and analyzed for on-going disease studies and clinical trial recruitment
  • Harmonize NGS data that is generated from different sequencing technologies or produced at different time points using BioGraph
  • Use advanced data compression to encrypt and store BAM and FASTQ data at half of the size of the original BAM file

Partnered with World-Class Country Genome Programs

Key Benefits

Minimize Country
Health Burden

Deliver actionable patient reports and reduce health care costs by translating research programs into system-wide clinical practice.

Comprehensive View of Country Genetics

Develop a comprehensive view of population-specific genetics, which can lead to more accurate biomarker discovery and drug development opportunities.

Create a Secure
Genomic Repository

Establish a long-term genomic patient data repository that can be queried and analyzed for ongoing disease studies, biomarker discovery, and clinical trial recruitment.