For Clinical Labs

Fabric Genomics supports genomic data analysis, interpretation and reporting for both hereditary diseases and oncology.

  • High throughput panels, exomes and whole genomes
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Integrated ACMG guideline classification
  • Standard protocols & test workflows
  • API for LIMS integration and automated data management
  • Secure & CAP/CLIA compliant programs
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Fabric Genomics' Panel, Exome, and
Genome Solutions for Clinical Labs

Hereditary Diseases

  • Support panel, exome or whole genome testing, scaling to 1000’s of samples
  • Accelerate turnaround time with our classified variant database – automatically improves with use
  • Deploy standard lab protocols to ensure accuracy and consistency at scale
  • Use panel builder to quickly create and curate standard panels to speed reporting
  • Analyze FASTQ or BAM files to generate VCFs with our secondary analysis pipeline


  • Fabric Genomics’ oncology solution supports testing for whole gene or hotspot panels, and exomes
  • Report on solid tumor and hematology cases
  • Interpret SNVs and indels as well as structural variants and CNVs
  • Perform molecular and clinical interpretation, with accurate and up-to-date clinical information including approved drugs and clinical trials specific to the patient’s cancer
  • Comply with AMP 2017 classification guidelines

Key Value to Your
Clinical Lab


  • Secondary and tertiary genomic analysis on one platform for a seamless, end-to-end solution
  • Fast turnaround times for clinical reporting
  • Single process for analyzing panels, exomes and genomes
  • Integrated ACMG guideline classification
  • Standard protocols and test workflows
  • CAP/CLIA compliant programs

Partnered with World-Class Clinical Labs

Key Benefits

End-to-End Solution

Our seamless solution with robust secondary and tertiary analysis, scientifically-validated algorithms, standard workflows, and fast turnaround time to clinical report, empowers labs to deliver results quickly to clinicians.

Efficient Data Management

Fabric Genomics can connect with your lab’s LIMS systems to streamline data management, minimize manual steps, and speed lab turnaround time.

For All Types of Clinical Labs

As you grow your testing menu, your lab can easily launch targeted gene panels, whole exomes and even whole genome tests, all within the same intuitive platform. Clinical labs of all sizes are utilizing Fabric Genomics' NGS analysis and interpretation tools.

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